If you do not want your job to be affected by a recession or financial crises and are interested in the medical field, then you should consider becoming a radiologist. You can have the choice of various job positions in radiology and can also get exciting benefits with this job. So if you want to become a successful radiologist you need to learn as much as possible about radiology. This guide will give you a brief outline of what you can expect from choosing this career path.

Radiologist Salary Information:

At the very minimum, you can expect to make $30,000 per annum; however, most technologists can earn even more than $40,000 a year. The technicians with the highest salary work in the diagnostic laboratories, while those having less salary are usually works in doctors' offices.

Radiologist Education Requirements:

The educational requirements for a career in radiology and imaging vary according to specific jobs that you are looking for. There are generally three types of training in this field i.e. for Radiology Technician, Radiology technologist and for Radiologists. Generally one to four years of experience is the primary requirement for most of the professionals. To become a radiologist it is necessary to have at least eight to nine years of experience. Those who want to administrate or teach in this field require minimum of a bachelor degree. Some certificate or two year related degree programs are also available. However, it is also important that the degree or certificate you are getting must be from accredited collage or university.

Radiologist Work Environment:

The radiology and imaging field have excellent job opportunities with various positions. The radiologist will work in a doctor’s clinic, hospitals and also in special radiology labs. The radiologist is responsible for taking x-rays, administering special medications for various processes, and also have to help the patient to prepare for the x-ray. Radiographers also have to work with CT scanners or MRI machines. Being a radiologist or in the imaging field, one is also responsible in fluoroscopes and ultrasounds. A master radiologist generally reads the results of the tests and makes diagnoses from it.

Whatever career in radiology you choose; there are plenty of job opportunities all over the world and it continues to grow. With current education you can become a well qualified radiologist and can work with wide range of medical and health care organizations.

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